Select from exotic fresh flowers, island wide delivery can be arranged for wholesale orders. Our cut flowers are of guaranteed quality. We provide bulk purchases of all types of Local Fresh Flowers.

Follow these simple suggestions to get the most out of your flower purchase!
Hydration is the key when it comes to flower longevity and bacteria is the enemy. As your flowers age, bacteria accumulates at the cut end of the stem and blocks the uptake of water into the flower. As the flow of water slows, the flower starts to dry and wilt and die. Here's what you can do to help:

Cool your flowers: Cooler temperatures slow the growth of bacteria and the related breakdown of plant tissues.

Re-cut stems regularly: Re-cut your stems (take about 1/2 inches off) right before you put them in water - this ensures that there aren't any air bubbles in the stem tissue that could block water uptake. Re-cutting stems also exposes clean tissue - uncluttered by bacteria.

Change vase water often: Flowers don't want to drink bacteria-water. Lift your stems out of the vase, change the water (add flower food to the new water if available) and re-cut your flower stems just before putting them back into water. Do this every other day and you can double the life of your flowers.

Flowers in foam: Some arrangements are assembled in floral foam where re-cutting stems isn't feasible. Make sure your stems are seated firmly in the foam (heavier flowers like hydrangeas sometimes wiggle loose) and simply add water daily.

Asian Flora is respecting social values in the business. It is also a social responsibility that the company highly appreciates.

Protecting and conserving the environment

The company is highly commited to protecting the environment. We only use organic manures for planting flora and foliage, and also do not add any chemicals to the products. In addition to this, the company contributes to environmental conservation activities.

Social Responsible

Under the social responsibility, we have implemented various programs.In the meantime, the company involved in increasing household income among the small scale farmers of producing cut foliage in Kurunegala District.

Exceptional Product Quality

We value the high customer satisfaction and the company is committed to providing high-quality products to the market. For this, the company uses high technologies and packaging methods and maintains employee satisfaction in a high standard.

For export market

Cut leaves, cut plants, potted plants, un-rooted cuttings, landscaping plants and fruits & vegetables, fresh water, coir flower pots and vases.


Agricultural machinery, gardening equipment, mother plants, tissue culture products, seeds of flowers, fruits & vegetables.

Local market

Fresh flowers, floral arrangements.

Asian Flora is one of the leading company selling flora and foliage to the export market and supplied to the main markets in Europe, Middle-East and Asia, with an annual turnover of US $100000. During the past 10 years, Asian flower firm has been able to secure a large market for cut-foliage products in the Middle-East and European markets. The company is also specializing in providing fresh flowers and floral arrangements to the rapidly expanding corporate sector in Sri Lanka.