Our Values

  • We believe that the Customer is king. The Customer is always right. The Customer is why we operate. The customer is unique. So therefore, our seven core customer service principles are;
    1. Speed – In delivery, in responsiveness and in customer service complaint handling.
    2. Accuracy – We will provide what you ask, we will deliver to your address and we will provide honest answers if we cannot handle an order a delivery or a product.
    3. Transparency – We will provide tracking details and tell you as it is. When there is a problem you will know the real details not what is politically right.
    4. Accessibility – We will be accessible for your orders, for your complains and for your clarifications.
    5. To empower the customer – We will ensure that the customer is empowered by having genuine buyer reviews, information, flexibility, options and for money back guarantee on returns.
    6. Serve the customer as a team - We will serve you as a team, and also take responsibility for the actions of the team. we will be responsible for any service issues that have surfaced by any of our team members, whether teach or sales or delivery.
  • We believe that our staff is our strength - will ensure that our staff is continually trained and are capable of following the core customer service principles in all situations,
  • We believe that systems need to dynamic and serve the purpose - We will continually update our systems, information and our IT products by listening to our customers and to meet the changing needs of the customer.
  • We believe that we are co guardians and stewards of our environment – we will establish environmentally friendly practices and continually promote green technology.
  • We believe that we are socially responsible for equitable growth. – We will provide community incentives, we will work closely with the sustainable goals of development and actively promote equitable growth.
  • We believe in value for our products. – the focus is not the cost of a product but the value that we can provide for those precious moments.